GreenMountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill Review

In the midst of the evolution of barbecue grills to offer optimum benefits to consumers, many grilling companies made their ways to innovate their products so as to get a share in the market. The following product is just one of the prides of GreenMountain attempting to provide consumers an option that goes with the Wifi age. You’re maybe reading this to check whether this product is worth having, so to help you with that, we will go through the GreenMountain Grills Davy Crocket Pellet Grill Review.

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Detailed Review of GreenMountain Grills Davy Crocket Pellet Grill

GreenMountain has produced several products already, all related to grilling using wood pellets. They have been in the market for quite awhile, innovating the barbecue grill experience into a more convenient, efficient and flexible way. This GMG Davy Crocket Pellet Grill is a cute version of the GMG Daniel Boone Grill Wifi enabled. It is designed mainly for smaller number of people and for portability purposes. It delivers the same service as the ones present in their bestseller GMG Daniel Bowie. The features here are auspicious to those who would want to enjoy barbecue on outdoor camps, parties, festivals or a stopover in a long travel. This is also a favorite to tailgaters and hunters. This grill is on a reasonable market price compared to its competition.

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Consumers who have bought this grill rejoiced on its features. It was like a miniature of a high-grade, big, and expensive grill. Though it is not for a larger number of people, it could accommodate cooking for around five persons. Not bad for a tailgater. You could cook from simple hotdogs to roast chicken, steaks, and even bake a cake. In fact, GMG website has a long list of recipes that can be cooked in this awesome grill. The following are the recipes: smoked shrimp, grilled turkeys legs, grilled bacon wrapped shrimp, baja tacos, grilled cheeese sandwich, grilled potato salad, ribeye steak, grilled vegetables, guacamole 2 ways, prosciutto-wrapped chicken breasts, stuffed bacon wrapped whole chicken, smokin hot stuffed jalapenoss, stuffed portabello mushrooms, pulled pork pizza, grilled chicken quesadillas, chicken, bacon & ranch flatbeard pizza, black and blue burger, grilled tilapia with pineapple salsa, honey spice chicken thighs and grilled pork tenderloin. The process of cooking in GMG DC starts off with the assembly.

The assembling of this unit needs great attention as it is composed of several steps. For those who have not purchased something like this it will be better to familiarize yourself with every part of the unit.

  • This is very advantageous to those who are up to small capacities.
  • It features five-degree increments from 150° F up to 550° F providing options into how you want your food to be cooked.
  • It can be a good investment since it is made by hard metals and stainless steel that would surely last long.
  • It produces a flavorful finish on your food by the trapping of all the flavors inside the grill.
  • It does not require hard movements and it will not use much of your time on trial and error.
  • The digital meat temperature is helpful.
  • The Wifi technology makes the cooking experience efficient because you can relax or do other things while monitoring the cooking on your Smartphone.
  • Customer support is easily accessible.
  • Warranty covers two years on all the material defects.
  • It has a cleaner burn because of the complete combustion.
  • Price is reasonable.


  • While it is small, it is not portable to carry by just one person and the handle is designed for one carrier only.
  • Too short legs or stand.
  • The temperature is not even on the grates.
  • It’s a little heavy for a tailgater.

Best Features of GreenMountain Grills Davy Crocket Pellet Grill

Computer-generated and Wifi-Enabled Unit

Grilling can be time-consuming. Normally we do it by standing beside the grills, checking on the food we are cooking from time to time. If the food needs about two to three hours cooking we will not leave long but we will do monitoring over and over again. Not with this guy. GMG Davy Crocket is awesome in its Wifi enabled feature.

The process is easy. After assembling the unit, you just have to get your Smartphone, connect it to your home Wifi, and upload the GMG App.

After uploading the app you may now disconnect from your home Wifi then connect to that of Davy Crocket by using the serial number as your password.

If you have successfully done those, then you are now ready to program your cooking preferences. The app provides options as to the temperature you want and the time you plan to do the cooking. You may also create alerts and monitor the meat temperature itself.

It would definitely help you to be efficient. You can simply relax or do other activities you like while cooking. You will not be always checking your food. Everything is handy.

Meat Probe

To help you exactly how to cook perfectly, GMG built the unit with a meat probe. It is a digital thermometer that will let you know the exact temperature of what you are cooking. Isn’t it nice? Not only that you get the temperature of the grill but you also get to know the temperature of your meat inside it.

It Comes with Three Power Cords

It is unusual for a grill to have three power cords but GMG made it possible. The cords can be used to get power from your home plug, your car battery and your phone charger so you can use it at home or bring it to a picnic in park, enjoy it on your tailgating and hunting activities or even use it during your festivities. It’s definitely perfect wherever you want to enjoy your food.

Automatic Cooling

When turn off, it settles to a fan mode to cool down the grill. When it cools down completely it displays OFF. There’s no need to touch it with your bare hands to check if it has cooled down already.

Easy cleaning

The cleaning goes easy. You just simply remove the grates, then the grease pans and finally the heat shield. While others use vacuum to remove the ashes around the fire pot, some simply scoop the ashes out using a spoon. If the grates and grease pans have thick residues from the sauces and the meat, you can just scrape them out, and its ready to be used. Basically it just takes around two to three minutes to get done.

What you get in the package

The DMG Davy Crocket comes in a box all tied. When you open it, you would see Styrofoam covering the unit for safety.These are the contents you will find inside:


  • The stainless steel unit
  • The metal legs or stand
  • Handle
  • Side tray
  • PID controller
  • Instruction manual
  • One pack of wood pellet
  • Wifi Antenna
  • Chimney
  • AC/DC power cords (three of them)
  • Heat shield
  • Two Greasing pans
  • Two cooking grates
  • Meat Probe

Our verdict

It’s being Wifi enabled paved way into a convenient cooking experience as it does not really bother you from time to time. The temperature controls and monitoring are all handy. What more, you could program your cooking into slow cook, slow temperature or at whatever pace you want, and get your desired cook at the end. It certainly pleases the 21st generation.

The three-option power source is a huge thing for campers, hunters and tailgaters out there. You could simply connect the grill to a 100w socket; a phone charger on your car; and even directly plug it to a 12v battery. It is Efficiency and Effectiveness combined. While we celebrate its advantages, there are also considerations for improvements.

Since the hardware is all metal, the weight does bother the lifter. It will be better if GMG develop ways to build a handle designed for two for better carrying or lifting positions. They might also improve on the height of the legs or the stand. Many would prefer a grill that is at a height that is more comfortable for a cook. However other users put their units on a table or cabinet to make up with a good level for grilling. Over all it will be worth the price. The features are way better than what is in the market today in its kind. GMG is quite doing a great job.