Louisiana Grills 60900 – LG900 Pellet Grill Review

Have you ever wondered how grilled food come out perfect in cooking shows? The answer is simple, it’s not just about the meat or the ingredients but it also has to do something about the equipment that you need to use. So when you really want perfect grilled food that will keep you wanting more, you got to try the Louisiana Grills 60900 – LG900 pellet grill. This grill is currently one of the hottest models in the market with two cooking chambers for the price of one. You will be able to cook large meats, fish, poultry and even seafood in the main grill while small portions can be grilled in the fire box chamber. Grilling takes patience and time and of course using only the right equipment. It does not matter if you are new to grilling or you are a professional; you need a grill that will fit your needs. Here is a review of the Louisiana Grills 60900 – LG900, currently one of the most-preferred grills in the market today. Find out if this grill works for you by reading this detailed review.

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The Louisiana Grills LG900 is an easy to use grill that allows you to serve good grilled food all the time. You might as well call this grill an all-natural grill because you won’t be using any fuel like propane, gas or charcoal. It has a unique Digital Control panel that let you have precise control over the food that you cook. You will be able to precisely control your cooking between 170 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another feature is a unique meat probe programmable interface which allows you to check the temperature of your food with ease and make correct changes. It has an electrical ignition system and built-in fan that forces air to the system which allows a steady flow of flavorful air into the main chamber for smoking and grilling. This system also lets you cook steadily and will avoid any irregular temperatures that can affect the overall quality and consistency of food.

The Louisiana Grills LG900 allows direct and indirect cooking which means that you can grill and smoke any kind of food while grease and drippings are channeled away from your cooking. You get healthy, yummy and great-tasting food all the time. You can cook any type of food from ribs, hamburgers, bread, vegetables, poultry and fish. And of course you can a preserve seasonal food too such as fish and veggies and this will definitely save you time, money and effort in the long run.

  • 913 square inches of cooking area
  • Porcelain cast iron main grids
  • Porcelain steel detachable upper cooking grid
  • Digital control center
  • Fully functional programmable meat probe
  • Flame broiler for both indirect and direct flame cooking
  • Exhaust system for even cooking
  • Skate casters (in-line) and wheels for easier movement
  • 14-gauge steel construction (extreme strength)​
  • Temperature could get too hot

Best Features of the Louisiana Grills 60900- LG 900 Pellet Grill

Large cooking space

This grill has an exceptionally large area for cooking at more than 900 square inches. So what can you cook in this much space? You can grill two to three large whole chickens at the same time as well as three to four large cuts of fishes, large sausages, large and thick burgers and more. This large cooking space allows you to grill several kinds of food at the same time which lets you save time and effort in prepping and cooking food. You can also prepare other meals as you wait for your grilled food to cook.

A large cooking space lets you cook for a large group of people, for parties, outdoor gatherings and large dinners. You can invite friends over and have a barbecue-themed party each time and cook for them as well.

Good exhaust and heating system

Now you don’t need to use a separate fan to keep the flames blowing or have a steady flow of air into the cooking chamber. This fan is just a small fan but it does its work well in keeping cooking temperatures even inside the cooking space. The result of course is meat cooked really well with flavors perfect all throughout the meat, no matter how thick your cut is. When it comes to smoking food, you get consistent results all the time too and so you can smoke sausages, duck, ham and all types of food easily.

Does not use any kind of fuel

This grill may be the greenest of all because it does not need any type of fuel to work. Therefore you will also save money on fuel and take less time to prep your grill too. Less time spent on grill preparation will give you more time cooking and preparing other food that you will need for your dinner, party or event.

Electric ignition

One click and your grill is ready to go. The electronic ignition system combined with the built in fan system lets you get grill prep done fast.

Programmable meat probe

This is one of the unique features of this grill is its programmable temperature probe which will let you monitor the temperature of your food closely. This reduces food wastage since you will avoid burning and charring of your food. The meat temperature probe is sensitive and is one of the most common issues for users since the temperature of the grill could become too hot. But this issue has been overlooked many times because other than this, users were fairly satisfied with how this grill work.

Heavy duty parts and accessories

You can tell that this grill is made of excellent quality materials. The grill body, parts and accessories are made of porcelain steel which can hold as much heat as it can without ever warping or losing its shape. It is the material that you would certainly want to have for your grill especially when you will be using your grill for many more times. The grill handles are efficient, the legs and feet are very sturdy. You will surely spend a lot of time grilling different kinds of food with this durable piece of equipment.

With wheels for easy movement

This grill has convenient wheels so you can move it around with ease. No need to break your back taking it to where you want to cook. You can cook almost anywhere since all you need to do is to lift and push it. And with the grill being easy to lift and move, you can take it almost anywhere.

Flame direct and indirect cooking

This grill allows you to cook whether directly over the flame or indirectly. Direct heat cooking lets you cook fast and more efficiently just like grilling and broiling. Indirect heat is great for baking and drying. You can prepare almost any kind of dish or use any method of cooking when you have a grill capable of direct and indirect heat. The secret lies on the grill’s fan system that evenly distributes heat inside the cooking chamber.

What you get in the package

This Louisiana Grills LG900 comes with the following accessories:


  • Main cooking grids
  • Cooling grids

Our verdict

The Louisiana Grills LG900 is a good grill to choose because of its winning features. It is one of the best grills around because of its electronic ignition system, fan and proprietary exhaust system and digital control center. With all these cool features, this Louisiana Grills grill is an ideal addition for your home cooking appliance collection or as a grill for a small-scale restaurant or bar.

Aside from its best features, you can bet that this grill has a durable construction from top to bottom. It is made of very durable metal porcelain which resists high temperatures no matter what. You will be able to grill, smoke and cook for longer hours over and over again when you have this grill to use.

And if you are looking for a grill that will let you have the best results, whether you are cooking meats, fish, vegetables or poultry then this is the grill for you. With its unique temperature system and exhaust system you can be sure that temperature is maintained in the most efficient manner all throughout the cooking chamber. No more worries of not getting your recipes right or overcooking your meat with the Louisiana Grills LG900 grill.

If you need a grill with the best features and with a durable body and excellent construction then the Louisiana Grills LG900 may be the one you need. It has the features you need and the cooking space that will let you cook and serve everyone whether you are cooking for your family or hosting a party with a group of friends.