Pit Boss Grill 440 Deluxe Pellet Grill Review

Outdoor barbecue and grilling are definitely a fun bonding and relaxing experience shared with family and friends. And there are many kinds of wood pellet grills available that aims to provide ease and convenience in making that perfectly chard meat and barbecue to be enjoyed by the whole crew.

Pit Boss is known to manufacture caliber wood pellet grills that boast not only maximum functionality and efficiency but the ease of use and deluxe features. This review will focus on the Pit Boss Grill 440 Deluxe Pellet Grill and its outstanding components that make it a great choice for any household.

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Detailed Review of Pit Boss Grill 440 Deluxe Pellet Grill

With a 16-gauge solid steel construction, Pit Boss has introduced a deluxe wood pellet grill for heavy-duty and multi-purpose cooking for a perfect backyard dining experience. It is built with a total of 440 square inches of cooking surface that makes it capable of cooking large chunks and quantities of meat and foods in different preparations, which is ideal for huge dinner parties with family and friends, and hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas or any holiday get together.

This easy to use grill does not use any charcoal, fuel, gas, or propane as it is powered by 100 percent natural food grade wood pellets thus it is certainly safe to use. For your convenience, it accepts any kind or brand of these hardwood pellets so you can always just run to any nearest store to buy whatever is available in case you run out of supply. It is however suggested to test and make sure to avoid the substandard kind as that may affect the quality of the heat produced, functionality and performance of the grill.

Pit Boss Grill 440 is engineered for an efficient and hassle-free cooking that enhances and enriches the flavor and quality of the food as it cooks to utmost perfection. Getting the precise temperature and timing can be quite tricky but essential, hence it is paramount to always get it right. This is because every food preparation requires a varying heat level. In one push of the dial, adjustments to the temperature can be made in this deluxe grill depending on what you require to get the perfect cook and balance. And because it is highly versatile, you can do other sort of cooking methods and techniques with it as well.

Furthermore, what makes it a preferred choice is because it is also easy to assemble and very convenient to operate as it comes with an automatic start and cool down process. Indeed it is an awesome investment and a great value of money.

  • High-quality parts and solid construction
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Easy to clean
  • Improves the taste of food and cooks perfectly
  • Versatile to use
  • May need to monitor the temperature as it has the tendency to fluctuate
  • It can be slow to sear steaks

Best Features of Pit Boss Grill 440 Deluxe Pellet Grill

Versatile Use

This Pit Boss 440 grill will provide you a variety of cooking experience as it is not only used mainly for grilling but at the same time, allows you to extend your culinary skills and expertise to other sorts of methods such as smoking, searing, chard-grilling, roasting, braising, barbecue, and baking.

This makes it possible for you to make your favorite home-made pizza, prepare a flamed savory dinner or any quick and easy to cook dishes as you can even use it to sauté’ and stir fry. Desserts are also on the table as it allows you to bake your favorite confectionary as well. Hence, you can basically prepare a complete meal by using this all-around grill.

Easy to Operate

Getting it to work can be done in three easy steps. You basically just need to fill it first with the high-grade cooking pellets, set the temperature to your desired level, and then finally, start cooking or grilling. It is that simple and user-friendly that you don’t necessarily need to be a Masterchef or a highly experienced chef to figure it out and get it done.

And because it is automated, the temperature is maintained all throughout the cook, without the need to constantly check and adjust it.

Digitally Controlled

Setting the right temperature is one vital factor to achieve the perfect chard, grill or cook to any dish. Pit Boss Grill 440 features a digital temperature control that offers a wide range of heating option from 180 to 500 degrees F. A digital board allows you to adjust the heat level that will result to a precise and perfect cook in a turn of a dial. The LED display provides increased visibility of numbers that can be clearly readable and avoid any chances of getting the wrong setting.

Solid Construction

As it is engineered to carry out several different cooking preparations, you are assured of its durability and structural sturdiness that is built to last for a long time. The cooking rack and shelves are made of porcelain coated stainless steel that is a robust material and highly conducive to heat. It is easy to clean and maintain too. This guarantees more holidays and bonding session to spend with your wood pellet grill even with frequent use.

Deluxe Design

While functionality is a topmost priority when choosing for the best grill to add to our cooking arsenal, it may hard not to notice and give a second look to the chic and luxurious design on this Pit Boss grill. The black and copper finish definitely gives a smooth and clean form combined with a stainless steel side shelf, serving tray, compact bottom shelf and a bottle opener that is conveniently placed on the grill itself. It is designed with a steel wheel as well for easy portability and placement.

Fan Forced Convection

This is one of its great features that help seals meat juices to provide you with gastronomic flavors. This also eliminates the need for a rotisserie, which most traditional grills are consists of. The fan-forced convection’s heating element evenly distributes the hot air and moisture throughout, thus food is cooked perfectly with the right sear, roast and bake on all sides.

Wide Grill Surface

Adding to its efficiency of use, this heavy duty grill measures 440 square inches of cooking surface, 340 square inches steel cooking grid and a 100 square inches removable upper cooking rack that is also made of porcelain coated steel. This is generally bigger and heavier than other grills available in the market. With a large capacity, makes it ideal use for a large family get-together and cook large sizes of meat at the same time, saving you a lot of your cooking time.

What You Get in The Package

Upon purchase of your Pit Boss Grill 440 Deluxe Pellet Grill, you will have a heavy-duty, multi-purpose wood pellet grill that comes with these standard components:

  • High quality and robust feed system
  • Standard upper cooking rack
  • Thermometer
  • Digital temperature control
  • Removable stainless steel side shelf
  • Bottom shelf
  • Steel wheels
  • Convenient bottle opener
  • Arched grease dome
  • Flame broiler

The setup is easy to do. An instructional manual is included in the kit to walk you through the easy-to-follow steps.

Our Verdict

The market lists several kinds and brands of pellet grills that promise efficiency and convenience of use. Competition can be rigid and tough, yet in spite of these massive options, there are a number of reasons why you should seriously consider Pit Boss Grill 440 Deluxe Pellet Grill as your best bet. While you are assured of its durability and robust construction that can endure heavy duty use, it is also equipped with superior and high-grade features that will help you achieve your desired result.

One of the great features of this multi-purpose pellet grill is its versatility to use in several cooking methods. You may not only be able to grill and barbecue dinner using it as you can basically cook breakfast, make pizza for the whole family and save room for desserts, as you can also bake your favorite cookies and sweets with it too. And since it is built with a larger than the standard cooking surface, it is possible to cook family-sized meals at once.

It is safe and eco-friendly to use, which is a huge advantage and highly beneficial as it uses 100 percent natural high-grade wood pellets. This means no fuel, gas or any compound which can be harmful and hazardous to the environment and your health.

The easy to use a feature of this Pit Boss Grill 440 Deluxe Pellet Grill can come very handy as it saves a lot of time and effort. We encountered grills that require a number of steps and that alone can already be time-consuming and stressful. It is controlled digitally, hence adjusting the heat level can only be done with one quick turn of the dial.

Overall, you can count on the simplicity and optimal functionality of this pellet grill, which makes it a wise investment and an ideal choice that will definitely fit your needs.