Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

Bradley is a globally recognized brand which manufactures different cooking products, especially those that are meant to introduce authentic and smoky taste to food. One of the products under this brand is the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker. Let’s see what features this smoker has to offer to you.

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Detailed review of Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

The Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker is a cabinet smoker with a front loading design. It also comes equipped with a pretented ‘smoke generator’ that is located on the side. This smoke generator is the one that burns wood ‘bisquettes’, or compressed sawdust disks, blowing smoke into the cabinet.Similar to wood pellets, these bisquettes serve as highly efficient sources of energy, even generating a flavorful smoke.

This smoker comes with a digital controller which is equipped with smoke generator functions on its left, while the right side comes with oven temperature functions.When it comes to cooking capacity, this model is equipped with four racks, which means that you can easily cook more food at a time. The chamber of this smoker comes with a separate heating element, making sure that smoke and temperature production are separate, thus eliminating the need to ensure that this smoker is hot enough to continue combusting wood.This only means that this model has the capability to smoke even at lower temperatures compared to other smoker models. Still, you can opt to use a specially designed cold smoke adapter which is required if you want real cold smoking.

Overall, this model of smoker is easy to control use and monitor. At the same time, it represents all of the vital features expected out of a product under the Bradley brand. On top of that, you will also be able to enjoy the benefits offered by the digital technology incorporated in this unit. With a generator that is attached together with this smoker, you can also expect an enhanced performance.As this product is also described as an “outdoor-living” product, this only means that you can easily use this smoker anywhere, so long as there is an electric outlet available.

  • Overall cost effective smoker
  • Temperature is kept stable through its internal thermostat
  • Heat retention is enhanced with its stainless steel interior
  • Automatic advance technology
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Temperature deviation

Best Features of Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

Cooking Space Capacity

This smoker from the Bradley brand comes equipped with four easy-to-adjust and fully supported racks for easy cooking performance. These racks are also removable, which means that you can enjoy better accessibility to your food without worrying about tipping. With its 520 square inches cooking space, you can cook more food at a time, allowing you to serve your family and friends with ease.

Full Digital Control

This 4-rack smoker offers amazing digital interface which allows you to monitor temperature, smoke, and controlled time. Still, there are some factors that need to be considered and looked into, including how much smoke needed, the length of time that you want your food smoked, as well as the specific temperature that your smoker needs to be set.The built-in automatic smoke generator of this smoker also helps in avoiding drastic fluctuations in temperature, as well as potential disruptions in the production of smoke which has the tendency to affect the taste of the smoked food. With these features added to this model, it is easy to say that there is no other smoker model that can provide you with this much control all throughout the process while still maintaining its ease of use.

Separate Burners

This electric smoker comes equipped with separate burners in order to generate smoke, as well as oven heat. With this, you have better options in order to have perfectly cooked and delicious food.

Cold Smoker

With other electric smoker models, using a cold smoker requires a separate purchase. With this Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker, however, there is no need to do so because it is already built-in with this model. As such, this machine just becomes the ultimate option for smoking. As a result, you can have the assurance of an amazing smoking experience using this electric smoker model.

Fully Insulated Interior

The outer part of this model is constructed using stainless steel. This is also the same material that is used for it interior parts. Since it is also fully insulated, you can expect to use this smoker in any season, regardless of the temperature outside. Of course, you need to set the temperature required for cooking.On top of that, this feature makes this smoker amazingly capable of better heat retention. As a bonus, the interior also becomes easier to clean-up, unlike with other models that are made using other types of materials.

High Temperature

When compared to several other smokers that are currently out on the market these days, this model is among the higher range options that you can find. In terms of cooking temperature, Its 320 degrees Fahrenheit is quite incredible for cooking, allowing you to prepare almost any food that you want. This is particularly applicable especially if you want to skip the usual route of cooking through low temperature for an extended period of time.Some cooking preparations do not necessarily need a high temperature, though having this capability means that it is easier to reach the right temperature overall, even though you are only aiming at a lower temperature in cooking your meats.

Durable Construction

The materials and construction techniques implemented in the manufacturing of this smoker makes it among the strongest options that are available. As such, it is one of the most durable options out there. While it may be on the heavier side, at more that 40 pounds, but the materials that are used are high quality, which is very important to take into consideration.The outer part of this smoker is made using powerful epoxy steel, thus giving that stronger coating which makes sure that it will not be prone to rust, corrosion, or damage as a reaction to chemicals. The aluminum and steel that is used inside is also as strong, all coming together in order to make this durable smoker one that can serve you for several years.This kind of construction does not compromise with making the assembly process easy, because all that you need to do is to attach its smoke generator, while inserting the racks. If you have had the chance to own more complex smokers previously and found yourself struggling with all of those moving parts, there is no need to worry about that now with this Digital 4-rack smoker. This easy assembly makes it quite portable to move and carry around, to a place where you need to use it.

Amazing Customer Support

Aside from the fact that the product itself is made of high quality materials and durable construction, another very important feature that can benefit you the most is its amazing customer support. Bradley is being supported by a huge customer base. As such, they have taken the initiative to provide customer service support to those who need it. Not at all times that can they please the users of their products, but with their customer support options, they offer assistance whenever needed.

What you get in the package

The following items are what you can expect to see inside the package of the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker:

  • One (1) cookbook
  • One (1) user manual
  • Four (4) racks
  • Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker (main unit)

Our verdict

There is no doubt that the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker is an ideal choice even for beginners, as much as expert smokers. It is very easy to use, and even comes with a recipe book as an extra, allowing you to enjoy some delicious dish ideas. This smoker is designed to deliver the best and the most satisfying flavors for your smoked foods, be it poultry, meats, nuts, fish, cheese, and several others more.

With its four grilling racks, you have lots of space to cook several food items simultaneously. After you are finished, you can also expect an easy clean-up. This unit is also dishwasher safe, removing hassle, thanks to its use of stainless steel material for both interior and outside parts. This means that you can also enjoy preparing food for your family and friends, as this smoker can accommodate enough food for a medium sized group.

Overall, if you are looking for a digital smoker that can provide you with all the necessary features for a perfect cookout gathering, this is an ideal option to take into consideration. With durability, reliability, and even affordability combined, what you have is a product that can last with you for a long time, serving your family with some of the best smoked foods you will ever have.