Masterbuilt 20070512 Electric Smoker Review

If you have been smoking or grilling for a while, chances are, you know who Masterbuilt is. In this article, we talk about the good and the bad of their 20070512 electric smoker.

The 20070512 does not detract from popular manufacturer Masterbuilt’s line of quality smokers. It is highly affordable, so do not expect the most technologically advanced features from it. However, we feel that this smoker does not really try to do everything. Instead, it commits to only one thing, and that is smoking your food to the most flavorful it can possibly be. It does come with some features for convenience and ease of use. However, at the end of the day, all this smoker cares about is the quality and flavor of your food.

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Detailed Review of the Masterbuilt 20070512 Electric Smoker

New and experienced smokers alike do not fail to notice the power, heating, and insulation capabilities of the 20070512. Let us start by talking about its built or construction. It measures 41.3 x 18.3 x 24.6 inches and weighs 72.19 pounds. As you may have noticed, this smoker should fit right in your kitchen, storage space, or patio. You will not have a difficult time figuring out where to keep it or how to position it, as is the case if you have one of those bulky models popular in upper price tiers. The 20070512 is also very easy to move around as it comes fitted with durable, easy-to-grip handles and heavy-duty rear wheels.

  • Has an effective insulation system
  • Has enough space for big slabs of meat
  • Easy to operate with control display and remote
  • Has a relatively limited temperature range
  • Clear window does not serve its purpose all the time

Also, although this smoker is cheap, its stylish appearance does not reflect that price tag. The clear viewing window looks classy. The rest of the exterior is equally nice and striking. Overall, the 20070512 looks like something you would see in the more exclusive section of your local appliance store. However, although we know why Masterbuilt decided to put a clear window on this smoker, it really ceases to matter once the inside gets very smoky. But we guess a little visibility is still better than no visibility at all so we are not taking it against the manufacturer.

The 20070512 electric smoker’s body is made out of extremely tough and durable premium-grade material that you can usually find in more expensive models. For this reason, the 20070512 holds up well against the elements, normal wear and tear, and occasional abuse by owners who may not be very careful. With its high-grade construction, you would naturally expect this electric smoker to be very heavy. On the contrary, though, it is still on the lightweight side, weighing just about 70 pounds.

It is time to talk about the electric smoker’s insulation capability. The 20070512 electric smoker uses a heating element with 1200 watts and has a decent temperature range of 100F to 275F. It is not the best range but it is also not the worst. That range is just the right one needed for most meats. If you like smoking chicken or any other meat or seafood that require higher temperatures, this smoker unfortunately will not cut it and you will have to go for an upgrade.

Several features take care of this model’s heat retention. You have the door’s instant locking mechanism, the internal liner, the stainless steel body, and the full foam insulation system working together to keep all the heat and smoke in. Moreover, the cooking temperature is easily controlled via the user-friendly blue LED display in front, which works just as well under daylight as under a shade. The controls are very intuitive and easy to understand. You can probably figure it out without peeking at the manual. In addition, the unit comes with an RF (radio frequency) remote control, which is very convenient.

In terms of capacity, the 20070512 is the perfect size for small to medium sized meals. You get a total of 975 square inches of cooking space inside. It can handle more or less 30 pounds of meat or seafood that you can spread out over four chrome-coated cooking racks.

Everything about the 20070512 looks good so far. The only other complaint we have about it is a minor one. We wish the temperature range were a little wider. As we said, we do not really expect a lot of top-of-the-line features from a smoker priced like the 20070512 electric smoker. However, we know of some smokers in the same price range that can reach higher temperatures.

Best Features of the Masterbuilt 20070512 Electric Smoker


One of the things we like best about the 20070512 is its strong and durable body. It is made of heavy-gauge steel that is effective not only at keeping the smoker stable and protected from the elements but also at keeping the interior well-insulated. The thick steel holds up well against the harsh elements (and harsh owners) and should last a long while even with regular or heavy use.


This smoker from Masterbuilt has a temperature range of 100F to 275F, all thanks to its 1200-watt heating element. This temperature window should be good enough for most red meats, seafood, and the like. However, if you are into food like chicken or exotic meat varieties, the 20070512 may just end up ruining your food. Better look for a different electric smoker altogether if you are not so sure about the 275F cap.

Digital Front Control

You can do a lot with with the blue LED control display on the front of the unit. With it, you can control the cooking temperature, cook time, internal light, power, and meat temperature. The blue LED illuminating the panel is helpful both in shaded areas and under direct sunlight and you will not have to squint the slightest bit anymore.


The interior of the 20070512 electric smoker is very roomy and has 975 square inches of smoky cooking space that can handle about 30 pounds of meat, poultry, seafood, and more. You can divide that space using the four chrome-coated cooking racks that the unit comes with and space them properly to accommodate bigger slabs of meat.

Radio Frequency Remote

Nowadays, we get all surprised when we hear of something that does not have a remote control. Masterbuilt knows that, so they went ahead and made a radio frequency remote for the 20070512 electric smoker. This remote control has a good range and you can use it to control many of the functions accessible through the front digital controller. You can monitor and tweak the cooking temperature, the cook time, the power, and the internal light.

Drip Deflector

Together with the front-access drip pan, the drip deflector that the 20070512 comes with minimizes mess and makes cleanup a whole lot easier, quicker, and simpler.

Internal Light

The light inside the smoker is a nice feature to have because it allows you to somehow monitor how your meats are doing. We say “somehow” because once the smoke gets too thick, you can hardly see anything through the clear window. It is still a handy feature, though.


This electric smoker weighs only more or less 70 pounds and is already a lot more portable than many other smokers. However, the manufacturer still fitted rear wheels and handles on it to make transportation easier and more convenient. The handles are durable and easy to hold while the wheels are made of heavy duty material optimized for hard, uneven, and rough surfaces.

What you get in the package

The following items are what you can expect to see inside the package of the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker:

  • One (1) Masterbuilt 20070512 electric smoker
  • One (1) owner’s manual
  • One (1) radio frequency remote control
  • One (1) drip pan
  • Four (4) chrome-coated cooking racks

Our verdict

Few smokers in the Masterbuilt 20070512 electric smoker’s price range are able to do as much as this smoker can. From the stylish and durable exterior to the well-made interiors, this model definitely does not show its price. It is made of high-grade steel, has a 1200-watt heating element complemented by their full foam insulation technology, a good temperature range of 100F to 275F, and ample cooking space.

All in all, we recommend the 20070512 to anyone looking for a quality smoker that is priced reasonably and gets the job done well each time. Sure, it does not come with the latest smoker technologies but it is not bare either. It has user-friendly controls that can be accessed via a radio frequency remote and allows you to make changes to the cooking time and temperature, internal light, and more.