Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker Review

Outdoor cooker manufacturer Masterbuilt promises to make smoking easy. Right now, we take a look at their 20075315 front controller electric smoker and see if it does fulfill Masterbuilt’s promise.

In a nutshell, it looks like the 20075315 indeed lives up to its manufacturer’s promise of making the tedious task of smoking easy. This electric smoker combines the right features to make it the ideal backyard cooking partner for both beginner smokers and experienced cooks. Whether you are looking for a smoker that can “guide” you through your cook or you just want a technologically updated smoker that offers a lot of convenience, the 20075315 has something for you.

Let us begin by talking about what you are bound to see on the exterior of the smoker. This electric smoker measures 40.15 inches tall, 20.07 inches deep, and 25 inches wide. It weighs about 73 pounds. It is tall but not much wider, bulkier, or heavier than many other smokers, which are built to fit average sized kitchen storage spaces and patios. You should find a space for it very easily.

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Detailed Review of the Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker

The 20075315 is also highly portable. It has wheels and handles so you can easily move it to and fro to find a good, wind-free spot for smoking. The wheels are made of heavy-duty material that holds up well against rough or uneven surfaces so don’t worry about accidentally damaging them when moving the smoker.

Moreover, although the 20075315 belongs to the middle price range, its physical appearance looks more like those in the more expensive price range. It has a subtly stylish and classy look about it. The clear window on the door is well-made and very attractive and the rest of the smoker is just as striking. That includes the internal light installed in the interior of the smoker, which helps a lot with visibility when you are just starting to cook, when the glass is still clear and the meats inside are still in view.

  • Stylish look
  • Highly portable and easy to store
  • Even heating
  • Windowed door tends to negatively affect insulation
  • Internal light becomes useless as soon as smoke appears

However, we are still partial toward smokers without windows as those that do tend to have a more difficult time maintaining the right temperature level. Also, the internal light in the 20075315 instantly loses its purpose once the smoker starts to produce smoke. By then, all you can really see through the glass are thick swirls of smoke.

The steel that makes up the body of the 20075315 is nearly identical to that found in expensive models. It is not just nice-looking, it is also of premium quality and is strong and durable enough to withstand the elements and heavy use.

This time, let us go into detail about a few numbers advertised by Masterbuilt for this unit. First of all, it uses 1200 watts and needs a 110 volt outlet. The cap on the cooking temperature is at 275F. It can smoke up to about 50 pounds at once. The control settings allow you to select a total cook time of up to 24 hours.

Using only 1200 watts, even the frequent use of this smoker should not cause your bill to go up that much. The max cooking temperature of 275F should be fine for most meats and seafood. However, if you are the type who loves smoked chicken and similar dishes, you may need to skip the 20075315 for something with a wider temperature range. The total cooking capacity, we would say, is just right for this smoker’s price.

Aside from the seemingly unnecessary internal light and the little effect of the glass window, we really do not see any other problem with the 20075315 for now. For its price, it promises to make smoking easy and successfully does just that.

Best Features of the Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker Review

Full Foam Insulation

The 20075315 is equipped with full foam insulation technology. If you check the interior of the smoker, you will see that the insulation is noticeably thick. It holds heat so well that you can even use it in the dead of winter and still get the same hot and smoky food you enjoyed all summer. If you have used smokers with plain metal walls before, you will see that the full foam insulation of the 20075315 is more effective at holding temperature than those models.

Front Controller

Mainly where the “smoking made easy” comes from, the digital control panel of the 20075315 electric smoker is right on top of the door in front of the unit. It is a bright blue LED display that works well even under direct sunlight. You can use these controls to control the cooking temperature, meat temperature, cook time, internal light, and power. The controls are very intuitive so you should not need to refer to the manual a lot even if you are operating the smoker for the first time.

RF Remote Control

Remote controls have become a must these days. We would be surprised and disappointed if the 20075315 did not have one. Masterbuilt designed a remote control connected to the smoker via radio frequency. The range is good enough and you can use the remote to monitor and change the cooking temperature, power, timer, and the internal light, among others.

Front Access Drip Pan

Having an access door to the drip pan in front of the smoker is important because it makes it easier for you to check up on the pan while cooking. You only need to check one area. Also, a front access drip pan makes cleanup a lot easier.

Cooking Capacity

As we mentioned earlier, the 20075315 electric smoker has 975 square inches of space inside the cabinet. That can fit around 50 pounds of meat at once. You just have to distribute the chunks evenly, which should not be a problem because this smoker has room for four cooking racks. They are adjustable, so you are free to allot more space for bigger slabs of meat. When you purchase the Masterbuilt 20075315, you already get four cooking racks in the package.

Built-In Meat Probe

In addition to the internal thermometer that measures the internal temperature of the smoker and displays it on the front controller, this smoker has a built-in meat probe. Other models often do not come with that so you have to buy it separately. This remote temperature probe is built right into the smoker so you can measure the temperature of what you are smoking.

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Storage

As you may have noticed by now, the 20075315 is very easy to clean and maintain. You should always clean this electric smoker after each use, and you will not have any problems with that because nearly everything in it is removable and easily accessed. Furthermore, this unit does not require any special maintenance work aside from the basic ones required by most smokers.


Although the 20075315 is a little on the heavy side, it is very portable. This electric smoker has a bar handle and heavy-duty rear wheels, which are helpful when you want to move the smoker. Just get it to lean back and you can easily push it around. The casters come with the smoker when you buy it but you have to mount them yourself.


Some smokers are optimized for their manufacturers’ proprietary chips and the like. That is not the case with this Masterbuilt smoker. You can use wood chips and chunks as you like. As long as they are up to standards and you did not put anything you were told not to put in it, your smoker’s warranty will not be voided.

What you get in the package

The following items are what you can expect to see inside the package of the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker:

  • One (1) Masterbuilt 20075315 electric smoker with front controller
  • One (1) radio frequency remote control
  • Two (2) heavy-duty casters
  • One (1) drip pan
  • Four (4) cooking racks
  • One (1) user manual

Our verdict

We are happy to report that the 20075315 electric smoker with front controller and RF remote control from Masterbuilt does not disappoint. It produces the right heat and smoke for nearly any and all types of meat, seafood, and vegetables. Also, it is very easy and convenient to use because it is an electric model. You just plug it in, set the dials, and load your food into it.

As a novice smoker, you will love the 20075315’s intuitive controls and helpful instructions and prompts. If you happen to be an experienced smoker, you will appreciate this smoker nonetheless because of the amount of work it takes off of your hands.

Overall, the 20075315 is a good investment for anyone who loves the taste of smoked food but for some reason cannot spend that much time toiling over their smoker in the backyard.