Comfortbilt HP61 Pellet Stove Review

Comfortbilt has always been known among home heating lovers for their quality products. This time, we talk about one of their best, most stylish, and most powerful space heaters. This is a review of the Comfortbilt HP61 pellet stove.

It is very rare to find a space heater that performs as well as it looks. We are glad to report that in the case of Comfortbilt’s HP61, the good impression warranted by its ultra stylish exterior does not end with its looks. It is easily one of the most powerful space heaters we have seen so far, and although it is a lot more expensive than most other space heaters, we think you will not regret investing in it.

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Detailed Review of Comfortbilt HP61 Pellet Stove

The HP61 looks very elegant and modern with its smooth heavy-gauge metal exterior that comes in charcoal gray and anodized bronze. The viewing window is made of thick ceramic glass with an air wash system so you do not need to worry too much about cleaning it up. Its blower is also very quiet, allowing the HP61 to sound as good as it looks. The unit stands on the floor, no skirting needed, and measures 36 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 26 inches deep. The HP61 is a heavyweight, weighing 320 pounds.

It does not end with what is on the outside, though. The stove parts are manufactured and assembled in China, the electronics are Italian, and quality control is done in Raleigh, NC. Clearly, Comfortbilt made sure that each step in the manufacture of the HP61 is done where it is done best.

At its price range, you would hate to see a non-automatic heater. The HP61 seems to have that covered, though, with its fully automatic system, which is controlled by a microprocessor. You can turn the pellet stove on and off and modify its settings with a few button presses.

The HP61 has a total BTU rating of 50,000 and can warm a room measuring anywhere from 1800 to 2000 square feet in area. Its hopper can be loaded with up to 55 pounds of pellets, which will burn at a rate of 6.1 pounds per hour under ideal conditions with an 86% burn efficiency rating. This rating is EPA-certified and leads to lower emissions and smaller carbon footprint relative to other stoves. The HP61 comes with a powerful blower, which circulates air well.

This pellet stove heater is easily programmable. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to access the power settings and the thermostat, among others. The HP61 has five power settings that you can use to achieve a continuous burn time of 24 hours. As mentioned, it has a programmable thermostat that automatically commands the pellet stove to modify its heating operation to raise or decrease the room temperature to match your desired setting.

  • Comes fully assembled in the mail
  • Stylish contemporary design
  • Premium-grade material and sturdy built
  • Relatively large heating capacity
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Blower can increase risk of fire
  • Very expensive

There are plenty of small things that make a big difference in the HP61. For one, it arrives pre-assembled, which is an incredibly good news to the technically challenged. Cleaning is also not a problem, as the pellet stove’s material and parts are designed so that they are quickly cleaned.

You will also find the HP61’s diagnostics system very useful as it allows you to test and troubleshoot various components of the heater. You do not have to do a lot of tweaking when you are in diagnostic mode because instructions are clearly stated and the display is minimal, which is easier to understand and follow compared with cluttered screens.

Finally, the HP61 comes equipped with a lot of safety features. The fan continues to operate after the pellet stove is turned off and only stops running once the temperature in the stove has decreased to a preset safe threshold. It always shuts down safely even in the event of a power outage. Even if you keep the door closed in such an instance, the post-combustion gases will draft out by themselves.

Best Features of Comfortbilt HP61 Pellet Stove


One look at the HP61 will tell you that it is definitely made of high-grade materials. The heavy-gauge, heat-resistant exterior is very smooth so it does not just look good, it is easy to clean too. The elegant-looking ceramic thermo glass viewing window comes with an air wash system and lets you enjoy the calming view of the fire inside the heater.

Automatic Ignition

For its price, the HP61 should not offer anything other than a fully automatic system. The whole pellet stove is run by a digital circuit board that is controlled by an advanced microprocessor. The auger is timer-based and non-continuous, so you can run it for a preset length of time.

On-Board Diagnostics

The HP61’s diagnostic system allows you to test the stove’s main components, including the ignitor, the combustion motor, the exhaust system, the room air blower, and the auger. It also checks if the lid is securely closed, if there is sufficient suction, and if the proof of fire switch looks good.

Heating Capacity

This pellet stove has a monster heating capacity of 50,000 BTUs. Furthermore, it has a powerful blower that can effectively distribute heat within a room measuring between 1800 and 2000 square feet in area.

Hopper and Burn Capacity

The HP61 has a roomy hopper that can handle up to 55 pounds of pellets at a time. The burn rate is estimated to be 6.1 pounds per hour and the burn efficiency rating, as certified by EPA, is an impressive 86%. However, these numbers can be affected by the type and size of pellets. To be safe, always use PFI-approved fuels. The HP61 is optimized to operate on premium hardwood pellets with a minimum of 40 pounds density per cubic feet and measures ¼ to 5/16 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in maximum length.

Programmable Thermostat

This feature allows for constant heating and efficient pellet use. When in thermostat mode, you set a “call to” temperature (your preferred temperature) as the stove displays the current room temperature. After adjusting the thermostat, the stove’s auger will automatically adjust so that the room temperature matches your desired temperature. You can also schedule its operation, which is helpful especially if you work. That way, the stove automatically works when you are home and shuts off when you are away.

Safety Features

The HP61 will shut down safely during a power outage and you do not have to open the door to get rid of the smoke. The exhaust vent will naturally draft out in case power gets cut. When it comes back on, the HP61 will not restart automatically to ensure safety. Also, the fans always keep running after shut-down until the temperature inside stabilizes to a safe level. There are also “high-limit switches.” When the hopper’s temperature gets to 200F, the auger will immediately stop running.


The stove’s material and design allow for easy, hassle-free cleaning. It also has a removable ash pan that has to be emptied only once every three months.

What You Get in The Package

  • One (1) Comfortbilt HP61 pellet stove
  • Owner’s manual
  • One-year warranty

Our Verdict

All in all, we think it is safe to say that the HP61 is the perfect appliance for anyone who is very particular with their home’s heating needs and is willing to splurge for them. To begin, this pellet stove is beautifully made out of premium materials that look good and are extremely durable and easy to clean. It is just the right size for even average sized rooms. You can place it in one corner and it will serve as a heater and a decoration in one without looking imposing or intimidating due to its size.

The HP61 is also not very fussy to set up and operate. First of all, it already comes fully assembled so you do not have to worry about having to fumble around for this or that tool just to put the whole thing together. You do have to buy the venting kit separately, though.

When it comes to running the HP61, you can take advantage of its very intuitive controls, which are easy to follow even without the manual. This pellet stove is fully automatic. Turning it on and off and every other command in between are just a few button presses away. Moreover, it has five power settings and a programmable thermostat that give the HP61 full flexibility in adjusting to your preferred operation settings and modes.

With a BTU rating of 50,000, this pellet stove is easily one of the most powerful models on the market today. It can heat a room up to 2000 square feet in size, which is the area of many of the houses in the chilliest parts of the country in the winter.

Although the price of this pellet stove may deter some from buying it, its premium construction, quality heating, and durability should balance out the costs.