Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style 50000 BTU’s Pellet Stove Review

Leading home heater maker Pleasant Hearth has made a pellet stove with their exclusive Comfort Control technology. This is a brief review of the Cabinet-Style 50,000-BTU pellet stove with a 120-lb hopper.

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Detailed Review of Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove with 120-Pound Hopper

This cabinet-style pellet stove is another innovative home heating solution from Pleasant Hearth, who is known for its residential heating appliances and accessories. With a chrome design detail and a solid cast iron door fitted with a large, 5mm ceramic glass viewing panel, the stove itself looks good enough to be more of a decoration than a heater. Its parts are predominantly forged out of stainless steel and heavy-duty cold-rolled steel, which are the preferred materials for premium-grade heating appliances. This should explain why Pleasant Hearth has so much confidence in their product, giving all units a five-year warranty.

This pellet stove matches its good looks with user-friendly features. Its highlight is the so-called Comfort Control System, which allows you to adjust the stove’s settings to your desired temperature with one turn of the dial. You have four available heating settings to choose from: Auto, Min, Max, and Off. As they say, “set it and forget it” because the pellet stove will instantly adjust the operation of the auger and the blower to match your preferred setting. Having 50,000 BTUs and a hopper capacity of 120 lbs, this stove can heat your room for a long while before you have to replace the pellets.

Pleasant Hearth’s pellet stove is best operated with premium-grade wood pellets, which produce a lot of heat and leave very little ash. The optimal heat production maximizes the stove’s capacity while the minimal waste makes cleanup easier and helps extend the life of the pellet stove. In case high-grade pellets are not available, you may use any that complies with the pellet fuels industry standards. However, cheaper pellets have a noticeable effect on the stove’s heating performance.

  • Looks good
  • Highly affordable
  • Long-term warranty
  • Very little assembly required
  • Comes with air wash system
  • No mechanism to minimize blower noise

Best Features of Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style 50000 BTU’s Pellet Stove with 120-Pound Hopper

Comfort Control System

Comfort Control simply refers to the feature that lets you choose a temperature that the pellet stove will automatically adjust to. Instead of having to manually adjust the feeding of the pellets to the firepot to increase or decrease the temperature, simply turn the dial and the stove will do the rest for you. That way, the time you used to spend tweaking the pellets will now be spent enjoying the warmth.

There are four settings on the stove’s dial control, namely: Off, Auto, Min, and Max. Min and Max settings make the stove burn on low and high, respectively, until it runs out of pellets or when the dial is turned to a different setting. If you choose to leave the stove running on Min or Max, it will run based on your preferred setting with no regard for the actual room temperature.

Meanwhile, the Auto setting will adjust the stove’s burn rate to match the difference between the current room temperature and your preferred temperature. When the two temperatures match, the stove will stop working and will turn on automatically again if its thermometer detects a gap between the room temperature and the selected temperature.

The intuitive comfort control system alone already takes a huge chunk of heating work off your hands, just like a home heater is supposed to do, to begin with.

Auto Ignition

The auto start system is another major ease-of-use feature on Pleasant Hearth’s pellet stove. Once you turn it on, the auger will start feeding pellets. Around ten minutes into the process, the convection blower will automatically start running, blowing the heated air into the room.

Auto ignition makes stove lighting easy and safe to do compared to cases with manual ignition stoves. The usual drawbacks of auto start are the maintenance work and repair their mechanisms may require and the higher cost relative to manual start stoves.

Firepot Purge Cycle

Another feature that makes the cabinet-style wood pellet stove unique is its so-called firepot purge cycle, which has three major benefits: It helps the stove operate more efficiently, makes the stove easier to clean, and helps prolong the life of the pellet stove.

Each purge cycle lasts 99 seconds and happens once every hour the stove is turned on. During the purge, the auger slows the feeding of the pellets while the exhaust blower blasts to the maximum setting. This gets rid of a considerable amount of firepot debris, making the stove burn cleaner and more efficiently.

Exclusive Integrated Diagnostics

The Pleasant Hearth pellet stove has an exclusive integrated diagnostics feature that lists detailed solutions to all possible problems and allows you to test each individual component of your pellet stove. Although you can always call customer service for help, having a reliable system to check your unit with is a good way to prevent problems from showing up to start with.

Air Wash System

The Pleasant Hearth pellet stove has an integrated air wash system, which keeps the glass viewing window clear and clean by bringing outside air in. This feature ensures that the most attention-grabbing part of your stove is always looking its best.

Outside Air Kit

Each unit of the cabinet-style wood pellet stove comes with an outside air kit or a fresh-air intake device. What this kit does is draw fresh outside air to help fuel the stove while preventing the negative pressure in the heated room from causing backdraft smoking.viewing window clear and clean by bringing outside air in. This feature ensures that the most attention-grabbing part of your stove is always looking its best.

Convection Blower

The pellet stove has a blower which efficiently transfers heat from the unit to the room through convection heating, a tested and proven method of diffusing heat. Aside from spreading heated air, the blower functions as a cooler. In fact, part of the stove’s automated operation is the running of the blower even after the stove has been turned off. It will only shut down once the exhaust temperature has gone down to a safe level.

What You Get in The Package

  • One (1) Pleasant Hearth Cabinet-Style Pellet Stove
  • One (1) outside air kit
  • One (1) operator’s manual

Our Verdict

Pleasant Hearth’s cabinet-style pellet stove seems to be a reasonable buy for anyone who needs an efficient residential heating appliance. For its price, you get a combination of aesthetics, functionality, convenience, and ease of use. Its design alone has the dual purpose of making the stove look elegant and guaranteeing durability. Its large viewing window lets you enjoy the calming view of a quiet fire while cozying up in the warmth produced and diffused by the heavy-duty steel stove.

The stove is capable of producing immense amounts of heat, having a BTU rating of 50,000. It is powerful enough to heat a maximum of 2,200 sq. ft. of surface area. Despite being highly effective at its job, the Pleasant Hearth stove is environmentally friendly, having a relatively low particulate emissions rating of 0.69 g/hr. It also uses wood pellets, a sustainable fuel source that produces a lot while leaving a small carbon footprint.

Its key technology, the comfort control system, puts you in command of the stove’s operation without having to toil over the firepot. It is very convenient because all you have to do is set the dial to your preferred setting and the auger will instantly adjust. Since the stove has a five-heat control, you can easily find the temperature level that is most comfortable for you. You can even leave it running at either the lowest or the highest heat setting and it will burn safely until either the hopper runs out of pellets or the dial is turned to a different setting.

The other dial feature we like about Pleasant Hearth’s pellet stove is the Auto setting, which signals the stove to burn at a certain rate until the room temperature matches the setting you chose. It will cycle on and off throughout, keeping the room temperature at your desired level. This means your room remains comfortably warm without you having to do anything more than turning a dial.​