US Stove 4840 Wall Mount Direct Vent Pellet Heater Review

Popular in the world of space heaters and heater accessories, manufacturer US Stove is at it again with another unit that combines practicality and utility. This is a review of the US Stove 4840 pellet heater.

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Detailed Review of US Stove’s 4840 Wall-Mounted Pellet Heater

Just when you thought you could not have a space heater that does its job well while remaining within a reasonable price range, along comes the 4840 pellet heater from US Stove. It weighs 230 pounds, has a width of 36 inches, a height of 27 inches, a depth of 14 inches including the mounting bracket, and needs at least 12 inches of bottom clearance.

It does not even look like a space heater. In fact, it looks so unique and modern, you would confuse it with nearly anything but what it really is. As the model name suggests, this is a heater you mount against a wall like a flat TV. The 4840 is also quite thin for a heater, which only makes it all the more appealing. This heater keeps itself out of your way as much as possible without compromising its capabilities.

One of the first things you are bound to notice with this wall mount pellet stove heater is its price. We know that space heaters are generally expensive, but this model belongs in the upper price range shared only by a few other models. The good thing, though, is that the 4840 comes with features that more than justify its cost.

First, it has variable heat settings, which means you can simply adjust the heat to match the room’s current temperature instead of having to start it up and turn it off repetitively. Also, you are free to use any kind of wood pellets for this model, provided that the pellets satisfy the quality and safety standards of the pellet fuel industry. Otherwise, the pellets may burn inefficiently, thereby shortening burn time, or worse, directly cause a fire.

In terms of heating, this direct vent pellet stove has a 24,000 BTU rating, which means it can easily rival the other space heaters in the same price range. Although relatively small compared with its distant cousins from other manufacturers, the 4840 can actually heat spaces measuring up to a total of 1,000 square feet, which is something not a lot of heaters can accomplish. Moreover, because the 4840 has a direct vent system, it certainly is easy and quick to install, just like the rest of the unit.

  • Variable heat control settings
  • Nice design
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Long burn time
  • Heats a lot of space
  • Still not as safe or stable as floor heaters
  • Blower can increase risk of fire

This space heater requires minimal assembly that should not take you too long to do. The parts are quite easy to figure out, the manual is easy to understand, and the package already includes nearly everything you will need to set the whole heater up. This does not surprise us at all. A difficult and complicated assembly has no place in the 4840’s price range.

This heater model is also very practical to use. Its hopper is roomy enough for a 28-pound sack of pellets. When operating on the lowest setting, that much fuel should be able to heat your home for an entire day. If you use the highest setting, it will provide heating for about six hours.

Heating temperature is not the only thing this direct vent pellet stove can help you with. It is equipped with a blower with just the right CFM, which comes in handy when it comes to heat diffusion. The only downside of having a blower is that it somewhat increases the risk of fire. However, provided that the 4840 is well-maintained, properly cleaned, and correctly used, you can have some peace of mind.

The only disadvantage you really can’t control is that a wall-mounted heater like the 4840 will never be as stable and safe as a floor heater. If a wall-mounted flat-screen TV can fall even with secured brackets, so can an appliance that weighs over 200 pounds.

Best Features of US Stove 4840 Wall Mount Pellet Stove Direct Vent Pellet Heater

Automatic Ignition

Like many other modern space heaters, the 4840 pellet heater does not need any manual lighting to start. Within a short couple of minutes of turning it on, the heater will start to operate by moving the pellets in the hopper through a chute and to the firepot, where they are instantly ignited. This feature makes starting up the heater very convenient, easy, and safe. Just make sure to operate the heater well each time and do proper care and maintenance as auto ignition mechanisms can break down.

Variable Heat Settings

Having a thermostat control on a heater is always convenient. While the 4840 does not have such a thing exactly, it does have a neat alternative in the form of a five-heat control setting. Although you can’t adjust the heat to match your exact specification to the last degree, you do have the flexibility of choosing among sufficient heat settings.

Heating Capacity

The 4840 has a maximum BTU rating of 24,000 and can produce as much as 16,400 BTUs per hour under ideal conditions. Take note, though, that this BTU output rating ultimately depends on the kind of fuel you are using. For best results, US Stove suggests using only premium hardwood pellet, which is what this heater is specifically optimized for. If you do not have access to such pellets, you may review the list of PFI-approved fuels to find an alternative.

This heater can heat a room with an area of 500 to 1000 square feet. However, just like the BTU rating, the heating capacity is influenced by your home’s floor plan or layout, its degree of insulation, and the temperature outside.

Heat Diffusion

This space heater model has a blower, which is mainly concerned with distributing heat within the room. As the pellets burn, their gases are pulled out of the exhaust by the heat exchanger. Then, the room air blower gets to work by distributing the generated warm air within the room. But then again, heat diffusion can be affected by external factors, such as the room’s shape, the insulation system in place, and more.

Hopper Capacity

The 4840’s hopper has a 28-pound capacity. Under ideal conditions, the burn rate is approximately 0.75 to 2.5 pounds per hour and total burn time ranges from about 6 hours (highest setting) to 24 hours (lowest setting). The burn and feed rates are largely affected by pellet size, though, and the variation can be as large as 20%. For best results, always use PFI-approved fuels.

Safety Features

This heater is designed for maximum safety. It will not operate if the viewing door is open, if the exhaust blower is broken, or the exhaust system has a blockage. It has a resistance temperature device that prevents it from exceeding a certain temperature threshold. The manufacturer has set two thresholds. If the first limit is exceeded, fuel consumption will be automatically reduced. If the second limit is exceeded, the heater will shut down completely.

Safety Certifications

The 4840 is certified safe by several major bodies including the EPA (certified to comply with 2015 particulates emissions standards) and ETL (by Intertek). In addition, this pellet heater is approved for use in mobile homes and in Canada approved. It also has approval for use in Washington state.

What You Get in The Package

When you order the 4840 pellet heater, everything you need to put it up comes right out of the box. Here are the items included with each purchase:

  • One (1) US Stove 4840 pellet heater
  • Mounting bracket
  • Stove adaptor
  • Cap
  • Wall thimble
  • Vent attachment
  • Twist lock pipe

Our Verdict

Overall, we would call the 4840 pellet heater from US Stove a good investment for any person who likes some quality heating in their home and has the budget for it. The 4840 is made of sturdy and durable high-grade material that enables it to withstand all the heat it is supposed to handle. It also looks stylish. A little on the minimalist side of design, this pellet heater looks more like some futuristic appliance than a good old heater.

Handling the 4840 is easy–from assembly to operation and cleanup. When it is shipped to you, it already comes with all the accessories you need. Heat level and distribution control are also easily managed with the help of the pellet heater’s blower and five available heat settings.

These main features, together with several other innovations you can find on the 4840, do a great job of improving the performance, efficiency, convenience, and ease-of-use of the heater. This pellet heater may be very expensive, but its price is more than justified by its performance.